Retro Toaster – Best 10 Models Rated and Reviewed

When I went to college, I received a retro toaster oven as a gift. I ate a lot of toast (and Kraft Dinner!) but I also discovered an awesome amount of recipes that can be made in a toaster oven, and even just a regular pop up model.

When my old one of 20 years died, I decided to purchase a new model.

Now I’m not the type to just go out and purchase any product out there. I like to review my options carefully before making a decision. So the ToastAholic website was born. But I also wanted a cool old kind of looking toaster, so that is what this site focuses on.

On ToastAholic I have reviewed many different varieties, not only 2 slice but also 4 slice and ovens. I have listed the pros and cons of the different models, and set up a buying guide for your convenience.

The differences between all these appliances, as well as what to look for, can be time consuming.

But not on ToastAholic! Everything is explained and easy to understand, thus helping to make your buying decision easier.

Interested in a vintage toaster? Don’t worry I have the 10 best ones covered. When I first started looking into the different models and ovens available I didn’t know there was such a large market for them.

There clearly is! And that’s because they add so much charm and nostalgia to your kitchen and home.

The Top 10 Best Retro Style Toasters For Sale

You can use this handy table to quickly view a model and check it’s price and shipping options. All of these units, including the cool toaster ovens, are available on so click the link to check them out!

Retro ToasterType Of ToasterConsumer RatingPrice
Smeg Toaster
smeg toaster pastel green
2 Slice 5 StarsCheck Best Price!
Americana Collection
6 Slice - Oven4 StarsCheck Best Price!
Vremi Stainless Steel
2 Slice4.5 StarsCheck Best Price!
De'Longhi CTO2003R
2 Slice4 StarsCheck Best Price!
Nostalgia RetroRed
12 Slice - Oven5 StarsCheck Best Price!
Dualit Toaster
2 Slice (4 slice option available)4.5 StarsCheck Best Price!
Cuisinart Classic
4 Slice4.5 StarsCheck Best Price!
Orva Auto
2 Slice4 StarsCheck Best Price!
Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster
Hot Dogs!4 StarsCheck Best Price!
Michael Graves Diseos
2 Slice5 StarsCheck Best Price!

Smeg 2 Slice Toaster – Pastel Green

smeg toaster pastel greenThis is a very sleek vintage looking toaster with it’s curved and compact look, it’s only 8”wide by 12” long and 7” tall.

It features a powder-coated steel body for durability.

This retro toaster is, along with pastel green, available in 5 other colors: pastel blue, red, chrome, black and pink. With this many colors you’re sure to find one to fit your decor.

For a small machine it has some great features. It is capable of toasting at 6 browning levels, as well as 3 pre-set programs.

With 2 extra wide slots, self-centering racks and a stainless steel removable crumb tray, it’s sure to please the most discriminating vintage buyer.

It also boasts a built in cord wrap, anti slip feet, a stainless steel ball lever knob and a back lit chrome knob. Accessories are also available for this product, such as a sandwich rack and bun warmer.

If you are looking for an awesome 2 slice toaster you can’t go wrong with this model. The Smeg 2 slice packs a lot of features for the price, and a lot of awesome vibes!

You can check out the best price available right here on Amazon!

Americana Collection Retro 6 Slice Toaster Oven – Red

red 6 slice vintage style toaster ovenWhen it comes to toaster ovens this Americana 6 slice unit will be hard to beat. It is perfectly sized to fit your kitchen counter top.

It has many features as well as being able to toast 6 slices of bread at a time. It can cook a 12 inch pizza. It makes perfect toasty sandwiches and can reheat leftovers for the whole family.

The cooking functions include toast, bake, broil as well as keep warm. There’s a 60 minute timer to ensure great results for all the cooking functions.

The interior dimensions of this oven is 13” long x 13” wide x 9.5” high. There are heating elements on the top as well as the bottom of the oven for even baking.

It also has a cool touch handle and an indicator light. No need to heat up the house with a regular oven when you purchase this one! Accessories include wire rack, crumb tray and bake tray.

It has a pretty cool vintage style look to it, and it comes at an affordable price on Amazon!

Vremi VRM010011N Toaster 2 Slice Stainless Steel Silver

vremi 2 slice retro toaster This stylish retro toaster is available in silver and black, or red and white. It will certainly give your kitchen a pop of color and nostalgic style.

The extra wide slots are perfect for bagels, and large sliced bread. It features 4 settings to brown, defrost or reheat for perfect results every time.

An adjustable dial gives you total control of the heat. It is very easy to clean, with a removable crumb tray for quick cleaning.

This vintage toaster works great! It toasts evenly and for convenience the excess cord can be wrapped under the toaster.

So for the money I would say it’s a good buy. Not only for bread and bagels but also to heat waffles, pancakes, and even strudels.

I liked this model so much I think it would make a the perfect gift for any occasion whether for you a friend or family member, I’m sure this model will serve you well.

Check out the amazing price for this model here on Amazon!

De’Longhi CTO2003R 2-Slice Toaster

red 2 slice delonghi toasterThis elegantly designed unit comes in 2 different colors – red or black. It has circular controls, and the rounded edges are in contrast to its bold finish.

With multiple heat settings for different items and a column of electronic buttons on the front, it also offers 3 heating options as well as defrost, reheat and one side bagel toasting.

The browning control offers 6 six settings with display window. It’s never been easier to choose how brown you would like your toasted bread.

A removable crumb tray for easy cleaning sits nicely under the high gloss body of this vintage style toaster. The non slip feet ensure it remains stable and does not scratch your counter.

The neon indicator light makes it easy for you to see what heat setting you have chosen. It also has a lift position for easy removal of small slices.

Choosing this vintage looking model is bound to add a touch of style to any kitchen. And it not only toasts bread but also English muffins, frozen waffles, bagels and so much more.

This appliance is primarily made of steel for strength and durability. With a cool touch exterior and automatic shut off is safe for most members of your family.

You’ll be pleased by the great shipping and buying options available. Check them out!

Nostalgia RTOV220RETRORED 12- Slice Convection Toaster Oven

retro red convection toaster ovenThis unit would be perfect not only for a large family but also people who like to entertain often. With this classic toaster oven you can do 12 slices of bread or 2, 12 inch pizzas.

With a powerful 600 watts you can toast, bake and broil. It has adjustable temperatures from 200 to 450 degrees, this gives you a variety of cooking choices.

You will be pleased with the built in 60 minute timer that that helps you keep track of cooking times. This convection toaster oven also has an audible ding to let you know when cooking is over.

It boasts a 22L capacity, and is extremely stylish. With 2 shelves it has the versatility to bake two items that cook at the same temperature at the same time.

The red color of this oven is stunning, and I’m sure it would look great in any kitchen. It is surprisingly lightweight at only 16lbs.

With a machine like this you will be happy to cook for your family. Accompanying this oven are 2 nickle plated racks, aluminum baking pan and a crumb tray.

Click over to Amazon and see the great price for yourself!

Dualit 2-Slice Toaster, Canary Yellow

canary yellow dualit 2 slice Wow! This classic toaster, hand built in the UK since the 1950s, has earned a place in this line-up. With fully replaceable or repairable parts it is unique and timelessly stylish.

This retro toaster not only boasts extra wide slots to accommodate even the thickest of bread products, but also has an award winning Pro Heat element for longevity.

The ejector system will keep toasted products warm until you push the ejector lever up. It also has an adjustable rear foot and removable crumb tray.

It has an efficient durable design and is suitable for everything from sandwiches to brioche. The unit has a curvy 50’s shape and is undeniably a very nice looking appliance.

When it comes to color, it has plenty of choices from canary yellow, to apple candy red, chilly pink, and glacier blue. I have never reviewed a model that comes in as many colors as this one!

This model is capable of producing a large amount of toasted foods per hour. Dualit worldwide sells one sandwich cage and a warming rack with every unit sold, you cannot do better than this model.

Do yourself a favor and check out the best deals today!

Cuisinart CPT-180MR Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster Metallic Red

cuisinart classic 4 slices toasterCuisinart has some very popular kitchen appliances and this vintage toaster is no exception. They are well known for their innovative and stylish culinary tools.

They certainly set the standards when it comes to toasters, this unit is made of quality materials. It has dual controls and a smooth brushed stainless housing, and is available in 4 colors.

With a 6 setting browning dial and dual reheat, bagel button, defrost and LED indicator it’s definitely a winner. It has wide toasting slots and a slide out crumb tray.

If you love bagels you can’t go wrong with this model, the bagel setting heats the upper half of the bagel only, this makes for a crispy top and a soft chewy bottom.

The Cuisinart has multiple toasting functions for your convenience. Also it features a high lift lever for shorter bread and comes with an instruction booklet, this is one great product.

I love this model, and you will too! Check it out on Amazon!

Orva Auto Stainless Steel Toaster for Toast and Bagels, Hot Red

hot red stainless steel 2 slice bagel toasterThis classic style 2 slice model is great for the price, not only for use in the home but would make a wonderful gift. It’s a very compact size being only 8 x 12 x 8 inches and comes in the vibrant shade of Hot Red.

This model has extra wide slots to accommodate English muffins as well as bagels. Has variable electronic browning controls that lets you choose your desired shade of toasty goodness.

This model also has automatic pop up and self-centering guides for convenience. The mid cycle cancel function can come in handy, as well as the bread lift function for shorter slices of bread.

It has a slightly old style feel, works very well and looks really cool. So if you are looking to purchase an appliance in hot red, that is budget friendly, look no further this is the one for you.

You should click here and check it out! You won’t regret it!

Nostalgia RHDT800RETRORED Pop-up Hot Dog Toaster

red hot dog toaster by nostalgiaI think this hot dog toaster is a wonderful innovative idea – 4 perfectly cooked hot dogs and 4 toasty buns all in a matter of minutes. It is also available in a 2 hot dog, 2 bun option.

The color is brilliant red, it not only looks good but it can accommodate regular size or extra plump hot dogs. It has an adjustable cooking timer and a stop cooking button.

You can press the stop button anytime during the cooking cycle thus ensuring the hot dogs are perfectly cooked for you. This is an easy way to cook a meal everyone loves.

This hot dog toaster also boasts a removable hot dog cage to hold your dogs in the unit. The mini tongs ensure safety when removing the dogs after they are cooked.

With this cool appliance the hot dogs don’t get rubbery and they stay juicy. I’m so impressed with this model I actually purchased one for myself!

Want to know the best part? Visit Amazon and you’ll see for yourself!

Michael Graves Diseos 2 Slice Toaster

Toasters don’t get any more cute than this one, it is modern innovative design with a slightly old-fashioned twist. It is solidly made of die cast aluminum, it’s attractive and makes extremely good toasted products.

In this wide slot vintage toaster you can do English muffins, bagels as well as bread. It has a defrost function as well as a reheat, that allows you to warm the food up without cooking it further.

The unit has copper accents, an illuminated power indicator, and a count down timer and some people think its shape resembles a slice of bread.

The selector dial feels like a stereo knob with a low click as you spin it. The LED readout below the lever shows how dark the toasted item would be at that level.

You can depend on this model to cook your breads as dark or light as you wish. And at any time you wish to stop it, just press the cancel button and your food will pop up.

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Some Differences Between Toasting Appliances

All toasting appliances are not the same.

There are regular everyday models, units designed primarily for bagels, and toaster ovens.

There are however some similarities. All 3 of these appliances plug into a regular household electrical outlet!

Also, all 3 appliances can of course make toast. They are all simple and easy to use and are all hard working. But when it comes down to it, there is one big difference. You can’t cook a pizza in a regular pop-up toaster!

Nearly every household has an appliance for the sole purpose of making toast. A regular toaster has no other job – it just sits idly by until someone decides to pop in a slice of bread, and most people can’t live without it.

Bagel toasting units do as their name suggests, toast bagels. These models has extra wide slots to accommodate a variety of bread and bagel sizes.

These units not only toast the cut side of your bagel to perfection, but they also gently warm the outside to deliver perfect results every time.

Of course the bagel models can serve double duty because they can also handle bread of any size. But neither the bagel nor the regular pop-up model is as versatile as the toaster oven.

Now not only can one of those make toasty bread products, but it is great for many other things. For instance you can prepare and cook side dishes in the counter top oven while your main oven is in use.

You can cook a pie or 12 inch pizza with no problem. The small oven is great for reheating food, baking a potato, toasting nuts and seeds, defrosting frozen ingredients and countless other uses.

It is extremely useful in small kitchens, or kitchens without a main oven. They are so handy and multi talented, you can use it in your dorm room, basement, the office or garage. These appliances are useful anywhere!

Be sure to stick around and check out our reviews of the best retro toaster available!