The Americana ERO-2600R 6 Slice Toaster Oven Review

red 6 slice vintage style toaster ovenOver the years most of the small manufactures of home appliances have been bought up by the major ones. Now several major company’s own all the smaller brand names.

For instance brand names such as Glenwood, Litton, May Tag, Imperial, Sunray, Viking and Speed Queen are all under the distributor Amana (now owned by Whirlpool).

Americana is under the distributorship of General Electric. This is not to say Americana products are made by them, they are just the distributors of that particular brand.

In fact a brand is a name or term that distinguishes a product or organization from it’s competition. The Term, brand is used in marketing, advertising and business.

Every year manufactures produce all manner of appliances from small to large and each year new models and styles are created for the retail market.

So there is a constant influx of changes and adjustments to their products. Along with changing styles comes the addition of color, making it easier to fit your homes decor.

ToastAholic reviewed the Americana Retro Toaster Oven and we give it high marks. It looks great, it works as intended, and it’s available at a great price.

Specifications Of The Americana Toaster Oven

ero2600r dimensionsThis 6 slice toaster oven is sized just right to fit your kitchen counter. With it’s silver body and it’s Tiffany blue face it certainly looks like a winner! The beautiful blue color reminds me a lot of the Smeg toaster we reviewed! I should mention the Americana is also available in red.

The toaster and pizza oven is great for making up to a 12 inch pizza. It also has the ability to make excellent toasty sandwiches that the family will love.

Not only does this oven work great for toast and pizza but its very good for:

  • reheating leftovers
  • broiling your favorite steak
  • baking salmon
  • making all types of desserts

and it doesn’t stop there!

It has numerous functions, along with toast, bake and broil. Its also great at keeping food warm. The timer can be used for up to 60 minutes resulting in ideal cooking function.

The oven has a heating element on the bottom as well as the top for even baking. With an indicator light, adjustable temperature and a stay cool handle it doesn’t lack anything.

When it comes to accessories this toaster comes with a crumb tray, making for easy cleaning. It also includes a wire rack and a bake tray.

Pros Of The Americana Retro Style Oven:

  • Great for any sized family.
  • So many settings you can cook whatever you like.
  • No better toaster oven for the price.
  • Works very well and adds a pop of color to my kitchen.
  • Love it’s functionality.
  • No need to use your large oven when it’s hot out side.

Cons For This Model:

  • It was a little larger than expected.
  • The top of the oven gets hot.
  • Didn’t like the fact it has no toast setting.
  • It didn’t fit my counter top very well.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Americana ERO-2600R

Is the inside of the toaster oven made from stainless steel or non stick Teflon?

This oven has a metal interior without Teflon.

What are the interior measurements of the oven?

13” long x 13” wide x 9.5” high.

Does this toaster oven have a reheat setting?

Yes it does, you can reheat all manner of leftovers in a matter of minutes.

How many slices of toast can it cook at one time?

You can do 6 slices of toast at one time making it perfect for the larger family.

Summary And Conclusion

interior dimensions of the americana retro toaster ovenAll in all this great toaster oven goes on the top ten list. With it’s retro look and great style it would give any kitchen a touch of class.

Available with either a silver body and red face, or silver body with Tiffany blue face it looks good and works very well.

It has numerous setting like bake, broil, toast and even a keep warm setting for when you’re not quite ready. Making 6 slices of toast at the same time has never been easier.

When it comes to accessories this toaster doesn’t disappoint, it has a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning and comes with a wire rack and bake tray.

Works well for cooking vegetables, fish and seafood, it can broil a steak just how you like it, bake cookies and other desserts as well as pizza, and grill sandwiches to perfection.

This toaster oven is very reasonably priced, works well and looks good. So if you are in the market for a Retro looking toaster oven why not give this one a try?

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