De’Longhi CTO2003R 2 Slice Toaster Review

De’Longhi is an Italian small appliance manufacturer. Producing not only toasters but also vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, heaters and espresso machines along with other small appliances.

The company was founded in 1902 and incorporated in 1950. The company now produces nearly every category of appliances used in households on a daily basis.

De’Longhi products are well known for their design and won the Red Dot award for kitchen appliances. The design and engineering of their products remain largely in Italy though are now made in China.

De’Longhi now operates 13 production facilities as well as 30 international subsidiaries, that support sales to 75 countries worldwide. This in turn accounts for 75 percent of their total revenue.

It’s no wonder their toasters look so good! This 2 slice toaster has a sleek elegant design and it looks good enough to be left out on the counter, instead of being stored away.

It compares well to any of the other vintage style toasters, and you can see how it compares on the table on the homepage.

Specifications Of The De’Longhi Toaster:

Italian design and technological innovation give this 2 slice toaster a touch of class and elegance. With it’s high gloss finish and rounded edges you can be sure it looks appealing in any kitchen.

This toaster boasts multiple heat settings enabling you to toast different items. Along with the 3 heat settings it also offers reheat, defrost, cancel and a one side bagel toasting setting.

The browning control knob offers 6 settings to allow excellent control over how brown you wish your toast to be. The controls are circular and the rounded edges are a great contrast to the bold finish.

When it comes to color it is available in red as well as black. The body is made primarily of steel for durability and strength.

This 2 slice toaster has neon indicators, progressive electronic browning control and extra lift position to aid in the removal of shorter slices of bread making it easy and safe.

Being very versatile it not only toasts bread, but also English muffins, bagels, and frozen waffles. Has multiple settings and a removable crumb tray for added convenience.

It also has a cancel button should you need it as well as automatic shut off, stay cool exterior, and non-slip feet for added safety and stability.

If size matters this toaster is average at 8.1” high x 7.3” wide x 12.6” long. This innovative 2 slice toaster comes with it’s own instruction manual for ease of usability.

Some of the CTO2003R’s Pros As Reported By Owners:

  • This toaster not only does a great job but it is also very easy to clean.
  • Love the fact it heats the whole bagel but only toasts the cut side.
  • Excellent looking toaster for the price.
  • I love the design of this toaster and it looks great on my counter.
  • This toaster is very consistent, making it a winner in my book.
  • It’s the best toaster I’ve ever owned and worth every penny.

There Are A Few Cons:

  • The quality of this toaster was not what I expected for the money.
  • I found it did not brown the toast evenly and so returned it.
  • Mine quit working after only 3 months, did not purchase another one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What length are the toasting slots?

The slots are 5.25 inches long and will accommodate large slices of bread as well as bagels.

Does the cancel button, when pushed pop the toast up prior to the end of the cycle?

Yes it does, it works quite well should you need to use it.

Is this toaster a cool walled toaster or do the sides get hot?

It is a cool touch toaster therefor the sides remain quite cool.

What is the placement of the cord, side, front or back?

The cord comes out at the bottom, thus enabling you to direct it to come out anywhere you please.

Summary Of De’Longhi CTO2003R:

The De’Longhi toaster is well worth considering if you’re in the market for a new toaster. It has a sleek elegant design that’s sure to please even the most discriminating buyer.

It has all the ‘I wants’, from it’s removable crumb tray to it’s non slip feet and 6 browning levels, you can’t go wrong with this toaster.

I especially love the column of electronic buttons, it’s high gloss body, neon indicator lights that make it easy to see what heat setting you are using and of course the display window.

In the world of retro toasters this one will fit all your breakfast needs and do it with a touch of class and unsurpassed elegance.

Every kitchen needs something as beautiful as this toaster! Buy yours today from and get a great price!

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