Dualit 2 Slice Toaster Review

Dualit is a British manufacturer best known for their range of heavy-duty toasters. Dualit is a private company founded in 1946 by the German born inventor Max Gort-Barten.

Max’s first commercial product was an electric heater. Then in 1952 Max designed a commercial 6 slot toaster with a manual eject lever at his factory in London, England.

Other products followed, as the Dualit classic toaster is known as a design icon. It differs from other toasters in 2 ways, firstly it’s pro heat element and secondly the hand built process they use.

The toaster, while robust, is easy to disassemble and repair. The parts are readily available if needed, this gives the toaster a longer service life.

The retro style toasters are manufactured in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Since the toasters creation it has been available in over 50 different hues, the most recent was a copper toaster launched in 2014.

This classic toaster is still hand built at Dualit’s factory in West Sussex, England. The Dualit factory has won numerous awards for Excellence in Housewares, most recently in 2017!

Specifications Of Dualit Toasters:

The Dualit 2 slice toaster is available in over 15 great modern and retro colors, apple candy red being one of them. The toaster has extra wide 28mm slots to accommodate a wide variety of bread products.

The toaster also has an ejector system that enables it to keep the toast warm until the lever is pushed up, this feature comes in very handy if your busy with something else. Just think, no more cold toast!

These toasters are fully repairable with replacement parts, in fact the toaster could potentially last a lifetime. These toasters are hand assembled from start to finish.

Exclusive to this toaster is it’s award winning Pro Heat element, that increases the toasting efficiency as well as prolong the elements life.

While the size is average at 11.6” x 10.3” x 10.1” the toaster boasts a switch system to control the level of browning, a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot.

To make this toaster even more usable, purchase the Dualit sandwich cage accessory, it has a built in drip tray, and allows you to make grilled cheese sandwiches and other items with ease.

Operation of this toaster is simple, a rocker switch lets you select 1 or 2 slice toasting options. The 4 minute timer knob lets you fine tune the browning time so the toast is perfect for you every time.

Pros About This Model:

  • Love the candy apple red color and the fact it toasts to perfection.
  • The quality of this toaster is exceptional, should of bought it first.
  • Looks great, toasts evenly and whats more, if it should breakdown it’s repairable.
  • Clearly the absolute best toaster on the market.
  • This toaster is both simple and elegant, I’m happy I purchased it.
  • My bagels are toasted to perfection in this toaster and never dried out.

Cons And Flaws:

  • Purchased the candy apple red, but found the color a little darker than I thought it would be.
  • I will be returning this toaster as it has some significant toasting flaws.
  • Don’t like the fact you have to manually lift your toast out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this toaster made in England or China?

The Dualit toaster is made and hand assembled in England.

Does the chrome colored toaster show fingerprints?

Not unless your hands are greasy, I just take a soft cloth every now and then and buff the toaster.

Does the toasters cord retract?

No, the cord is not retractable it lays outside the toaster.

Summary And Final Thoughts:

Toasters don’t get any better than this one, made and hand assembled in England and available in such fabulous colors. Colors such as Citrus Yellow, Chilly Pink, Lavender Blue and Mint green.

For simplicity and sophistication it would be hard to beat. With it’s square, curvy retro shape it is definitely as good looking as it is hard working.

It comes with removable crumb tray, switch system controls for the degree of browning, accommodates a wide variety of breads, and an adjustable rear foot.

With all this, and you may also purchase some affordable accessories such as the sandwich cage for more versatility. With it’s replaceable parts this toaster is made to last a lifetime.

If you want just one toaster, then definitely go to Amazon and check this one out!

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