Michael Graves Diseos 2 Slice Toaster Review

Micheal Graves (born in 1935) was a New York architect, he was known first for his contemporary building designs as well as some prominent public commissions.

Some iconic examples of his postmodern architecture are the Portland building and the Denver public library, Graves was known as one of the New York Five.

His recognition grew through designing domestic products sold by an Italian housewares maker, and later at such retailers as Target and J C Penney in the United States.

He earned a masters degree in architecture from Harvard University in1959. He won The Rome Prize and attended the American Academy in Rome for the next 2 years.

In 2003 Graves was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a spinal cord infection. He died at age 80 at his home in Princeton New Jersey.

This toaster was designed by him, and it definitely one of the more stylish looking retro toasters on the market.

Specifications Of The Diseos Toaster:

Micheal Graves certainly hit the mark with this funky looking toaster, it is actually shaped just like a slice of bread so couldn’t be more appropriate.

It’s made of die cast aluminum with the look of gleaming stainless steel that is off set by the copper button used to lower the toast, this button makes a striking accent to the stainless steel.

For consistently, evenly browned toast this 2 slice toaster wont disappoint. It has a countdown timer as well as an illuminated power indicator for your convenience.

Using this 2 slice toaster is simple and easy, as well as toasting your bread it can accommodate oversized bread as well as bagels.

Frozen waffles are not a problem either as this toaster even has a defrost function, just place your frozen waffle in the toaster defrost first then toast and enjoy.

Forget your toast while busy with something else? Not a problem just use the reheat function, this function allows you to reheat your toast without browning it any further.

While this toaster measures only 13.6” long x 8.0” wide x 9.3” tall, it is certainly big when it comes to style and functionality. No other toaster can compare, except for maybe the Smeg retro toaster!

Pros Of Michael Graves Toaster:

  • This is one of the best toasters I’ve ever owned.
  • I like the fact it can reheat my toast without continuing to brown it.
  • This is an attractive, solidly built toaster that works like a charm.
  • I absolutely love the design, the copper details, the lights and cancel button.
  • I love the defrost function and use it several times a week and it works great.
  • For an appliance that incorporates such design and style it also works beautifully.

Cons And Negatives:

  • Only had it several months when the toast lever would not catch, very disappointing.
  • This is my second toaster, the first one the toast lifter failed, now this one the heating element has failed.
  • This 2 slice toaster felt very cheap so we returned it.
  • While it only toasts on one side which is very disappointing, it sure looks great.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it fit long slices of rye and sourdough bread?

Yes there seems plenty of room for long slices of bread.

Does this toaster have a removable crumb tray?

Yes it does, in fact it’s a nice solid one that is very easy to remove.

Does the toaster make a beeping sound when ready?

No it does not however, it does works perfectly.

How is it for toasting bagels?

It works just fine for bagels in fact, I find it works perfectly for everything I toast.

Summary And Conclusion:

From it’s stunning design to it’s gleaming looks this toaster is a winner. There is absolutely no doubt at all that Micheal Graves scored a 10 with the design of this toaster.

In fact leaving this toaster out on your counter instead of storing it in a cupboard will get you numerous compliments from your guests about it’s impressive appearance.

Not only does it do a great job making toast but will also accommodate large slices of bread, bagels, and English muffins and will also thaw and cook your frozen waffles.

So if your in the market for a 2 slice toaster that works just as great as it looks, then this toaster is for you. Making toast has never been so easy or good looking.

This is a hard toaster to find, so get over to Amazon and check for it now before its too late!

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