Nostalgia RTOV220 12 Slice Convection Toaster Oven Review

Nostalgia electrics make household appliances with styles from bygone eras. There unique way of incorporating the past with innovative designs of the future is exceptional.

They have simplified their mission to introduce not only new styles but to keep them relevant to family fun and entertainment as well as functional and timeless.

Nostalgia brand of appliances evoke feelings of warmth and memories of long ago. Their products are 50s inspired, the whole family will love using these quality, old fashioned but modern appliances.

Nostalgia electric not only makes this great looking 12 slice convection toaster oven, but many more fantastic and unique home appliances for every member of your family to enjoy.

For instance everyone will love their version of the cotton candy machine, or pop corn popper, and how about the hot dog toaster – what kid doesn’t love hot dogs?

For the adult how about a toaster, coffee pot, blender, waffle maker or a nice kitchen wall clock, the list goes on. Each one is like a blast from the past that your sure to love.

Since this site is ToastAholic, we reviewed the Nostalgia RTOV220 retro toaster oven.

Specifications Of The RTOV220:

This retro red 12 slice convection toaster oven can do an awful lot more than toast bread. It is capable of baking, broiling, toasting, as well as convection bake! It will certainly not disappoint you.

With it’s 0.7 cubic foot capacity, it is large enough to bake 2 x 12inch pizzas at the same time. It can also easily accommodate 12 slices of bread which is enough toast to feed the largest of families.

This oven boasts 1500 watts, with an adjustable temperature of between 200-450 degrees Fahrenheit. With four stage heating selector, upper, lower, upper lower, and off, ensures the food is cooked evenly.

The oven also has a 60 minute timer, a bell with a stay on function, a power light indicator and a clear view high temperature glass window and a stainless steel handle.

It comes with a removable crumb tray located on the bottom of the oven, it can be removed and cleaned whenever you wish. The 2 nickle plated racks and aluminum baking pan are also easy to clean.

This products dimensions are 19.2” long x 15.3” wide x 10.8” tall. This ovens color is stunning and looks right at home on the kitchen counter.

With this many options to choose from you can broil a steak, bake a casserole, heat vegetables, make toast, in fact this toaster oven allows you the versatility to make just about anything you want.

Pros Of The Nostalgia Retro Red Toaster Oven:

  • This toaster oven is not only cool looking but works great.
  • We bought this to replace our microwave and couldn’t be happier.
  • I love the retro red color, it adds a ‘pop!’ to our kitchen.
  • It has lots of interior space to accommodate more than one item.
  • For our large family we find it very functional, a great addition to the kitchen.

Cons As Reported By Consumers:

  • Only had this toaster oven a couple of months when the glass shattered, thankfully there were no injuries.
  • I don’t like the fact there is no safety mechanism for the sliding shelves.
  • I find the markings are very hard for me to read.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 12 Slice Model:

How big is the interior of this toaster oven?

The interior is about 12” x 12” it can accommodate 2×12” pizzas.

Where is this toaster oven made?

According to the product information it’s origin is China.

How do I clean the inside of my toaster oven?

Mild dish soap and warm water seem to work quite well.

Is there an interior light in this oven?

No, there is no interior light however there is a clear view glass window.

Summary And Final Words:

This toaster oven in retro red looks great in any kitchen and is simple and easy to use. With functions like bake, broil, toast and convection bake it’s sure to fit all your cooking needs.

It has a clear view high temperature glass window in the front that allows you to keep an eye on whatever your cooking, without having to open the door.

With 2 nickle plated racks it gives you the versatility to cook more than one item at a time. The interior of the oven is large enough to bake 2 x 12” pizzas at a time.

Toaster oven are more energy efficient than regular ovens, and don’t heat up the whole house. Whether your family is large or small I’m sure you will find this oven a great asset to your kitchen.

If you are in the market for a toaster oven (and you should be if you are reading this review), then go to Amazon right now and check out the price. You won’t be disappointed!

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