Vremi VRM010011N Toaster Review

Toasters didn’t always look as they do today, in fact they have come a long way over the years. In the beginning people stabbed slices of bread and then held them next to an open flame until they browned.

Then in the early nineteenth century metal-smiths produced special forks with metal cages at the end to brown bread. But the electric toaster as we know it was not available until around 1905.

Over the next hundred years toasters were made of Bakelite, wood, porcelain and metal. They became the centerpiece of matching kitchen appliances.

The automatic pop up toaster made it’s debut around 1921. Now no matter how you slice it there’s a toaster on the market to fit your bread.

The Vermi 2 slice toaster with wide slots for bagels and large slices of bread has the perfect pop of modern retro style. Available in your choice of silver and black or white and red.

With 4 settings to brown, reheat and defrost this toaster is sure to please. The adjustable dial gives you control of the temperature so you can brown to perfection.

This toaster features a bread lift, anti jam function and self centering guide for the bread. It also has a removable crumb tray for quick easy clean up.

The Vermi 2 slice wide slot toaster offers all the right ingredients to make the perfect slice of toast. Or if you prefer, the perfect bagel or English muffin. You can compare all of its features to the other retro style toasters we feature on our home page.

Specifications Of Model VRM010011N:

This modern retro toaster is 10” x 6”x 7.5” and made of stainless steel. It’s a great addition to your line up of small kitchen appliances and comes in 2 great choices: silver and black or white and red.

Great looking toaster and with it’s wide slots it’s very easy to use for any sized bread. Because of it’s size it fits perfectly on any sized kitchen counter.

It’s two tone colors fit in with most other kitchen appliances. And it’s anti jam function ensures no more burnt toast or muffins.

The cord on this toaster is quite long but is not a problem as any excess can be wrapped under the bottom of the toaster keeping it out of the way.

The stainless steel body will ensure this toaster will last a long time. And the good thing is it will never go out of style as retro is always modern.

Pros Of The Vremi:

  • This toaster is very sleek and stylish, I love it.
  • Nice wide slots fit any size bread, muffin or bagel.
  • The reheat button is very helpful when I leave the room and forget the toast.
  • Very easy to clean on the outside.
  • This is a great toaster for the price and I like how fast it toasts.
  • The defrost button is great for frozen waffles, pancakes and toaster strudels.
  • I like the fact it takes up very little space on my counter top.

Cons Of This Model:

  • A little cheaper looking than I thought it would be.
  • I found the long cord to be annoying.
  • The notch for the cord is on the front right hand side which I find a little odd.
  • I find the middle of the toaster doesn’t always heat up properly.

Frequently Asked Questions By Consumers:

Is this toaster only for bagels?

No. It also does muffins very well and is great for thick bread, waffles, pancakes and toaster strudels.

Is the body made of plastic or metal?

This toaster is made from stainless steel and is available in silver and black as well as white and red.

Does it come with a retractable cord?

No however the excess cord can be wrapped under the bottom of the toaster.

Does it have a cancel button?

It not only has a cancel button but also an anti jam mechanism so no more burnt toast.

Summary Of The Vremi VRM010011N:

It’s hard to find anything negative about this stylish, modern, retro toaster. It has all the functions of a toaster with a much larger price tag than this one.

It delivers everything it says and more. With it’s defrost function you can thaw frozen waffles, pancakes and muffins and then toast them to perfection in a matter of minutes.

While it’s small enough to fit perfectly into any sized kitchen, it’s large enough to contain all the functions you will ever need in a toaster.

ToastAholic definitely recommends this toaster as one of the best available. Click here for shipping and price options! You won’t be sorry!

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